Monday, April 18, 2011

Ntelos and FTTH will our RAN even compete with the others..

Here is a link to the nTelos fiber network

nTelos Fiber Network

Now the first thing that I see here is that LEE & WISE counties are so close to it and that we were not included in that network. Here is an other link from their web site


Well the second link here it looks like they have been doing a good job of expansion and quiet a few parts of and whole counties are with the FTTH network.

pricing and info

In the third link here it says and I'm quoting them "For residences in our service areas of Waynesboro and Daleville, Virginia, Fiber to the Home technology is replacing traditional copper wiring with a dedicated fiber-optic connection. This fiber connection carries signals as digital pulses of light and allows nTelos to deliver access to the Internet at speeds up to 20 Mbps as well as local and long distance telephone services. It is the most advanced technology available today to connect you to the world - literally at the speed of light!"

OK now everyone that will read this that are fans of SUNSET Digital "I am one of them :)" may say WTF. I am using the previous links above to prove a point here if sunset would have been able to continue the network expansion here "LEE, WISE & city of NORTON" we all would have had services like if not better than that of nTelos. Now I do not know about anybody that reads this but I for one would like to see this network be able to compete with nTelos and others here! Now is the time for ALL of US to act and call our local & state officials and tell them to get off their *sses and do something about LENO's crap..

As always until I type to you again BFN....