Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Saving our Broadband Online Radio by Thorne Olinger | Blog Talk Radio

Saving our Broadband Online Radio by Thorne Olinger | Blog Talk Radio

Saturday, May 28, 2011

holding out hope for this FTTH R.A.N.

this past Thursday (05/26/2011) I talked to someone at Clariti Media LLC.. And was shocked at what I was told. The person told me that sense they did not get the grant/loan package for this area that they were having to pay for the expansion out of their own pockets. Well that was not what shocked me what did was I was going to have to wait 6-12 more months for fiber to appear here at my home.. I about fell out of my task chair. Its not that I must wait its that I may be getting fiber in 6-12 months (fingers crossed. I have always known that sense the G/L give back that it was going to be a hard road ahead for SUNSET Digital LLC but I can at least say this they are trying. Now if LENO would show the same class and responsibility that sunset has then all of this stuff would have would have already been done years ago.. Even all of our fire & rescue squads would be the best in the SW Virginia area. Its also not to say that all the counties involved with this FTTH RAN would be a lot more better off. To every one at SUNSET Digital LLC/Clariti Media LLC THANKS for All that you all are doing for this Area.. The only complaint that I have is that it is taking so loag to get the fiber cable ran in the Monarch & Kemmer Gem areas here but I do understand and have always understood why it was/is taking so long.......