Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunset not selling out..

 Well the heading basically says it all folks..

 The January 23rd court date between Lenowisco LLC vs. Sunset digital did not go as leno wanted. Well Leno wanted the entire Fiber network sold off as a whole to Powell Valley Electric Coop or "PVEC" for short. Now I do not have every detail of this but what I have learned is that Sunset can not sell their part under some other agreements from other parties involved. I hope that they can expand this network and get the rest of lee county done. In a phone conversation with Ryan Elswick he has told me that "we are going to keep our heads down and as soon as other funding comes our way we will do as much as we can with it" now that sounds very positive that they will do everything they can do to get more people on this network.. From another source telling me that LENOWISCO LLC is broke and on the verge of bankruptcy well I guess instead of giving them selves rises, using the money for other projects other than the fiber & using it to take SUNSET to court. I guess they should have used the money more wisely. The computer centers are not getting funds that leno was supposed to pay out for the upkeep and electric bills for them "that is why some of the computer centers have already closed" . All this money I speak of was grant money paid to leno for this.

Now Virginia Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission or 'TIC' for short is going to allow Leno LLC to sale off their part of this wonderful network and has blocked SUNSET from buying LENO's part. Now why would they do that? Well if SUNSET owned it all then they would have to work with sunset for use of the fiber and all the LENO board members would have to start paying for their Internet use instead of having free use of this network.. We the people should have a say as to what happens to this network it was installed and paid for by tax payer dollars "your tax dollars & mine" that is why at the very beginning the level 1 service price was set at $49.95 that is not a bad price to pay for that kind of service.

What would it mean to that purposed 4G cell service if SUNSET owned all of this network? Well for starters Verizon would have to work with SUNSET for Access and not LENO. They would have to come up with some major money to use the fiber for their own back haul of cell signals. They would also not OWN "Verizon" this part of their so called national network.

Until next time keep the faith for this network and this county.. 

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