Monday, July 9, 2012

long time no see...sorry everyone

Hello again everyone I have a lot to type about today. First off I want to bring everyone up to speed on myself and the fiber. Ok my last post was in Febuary 2012 first I was very sick and could not even get out of bed for 2-4 days straight then when I was able to get up I found myself almost out of wood heat with so I had to work on getting that taken care of by cutting wood and splitting it that took the rest of Febuary on through March and April. Then my dial -up service started knocking me off the net as soon as I got on " well I can't post here like that." so I had to fix that problem. And yes even more problems with my land line phone "Verizon" sometimes it would work and then it would not "and I still have this problem now". All of that was in May - July "Yes my phone service is still out.". So in mat I got  EXEDE Satellite internet & I am quite pleased with it. It has a speed of up to 12Mbs and I have almost reached it several times. Phone service such as VOIP works really good " not as good as when we had FIBER internet" but I at least had a way to call if I needed help or got sick. I got the service back in May but I really did not get into using it till the last few months "June-July". I had been just letting my computers update and check email but I have to say it lets all of my 7 laptops and my 4 desktops update really fast.

Now on with the fiber...

The week end of the 6th-8th of july their was a really good artical in the Powell valley news Week ender edition and it said LENWISCO LLC. was selling the fiber network but would not say who.. I do hope it is SUNSET DIGITAL they have worked their tail ends off trying to get the rest of LEE, WISE and SCOTT counties finished out. I'll edit this post with more as I get it in.