Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope running out for Kemmer Gem and Monarch Area's in St.Charles....

Like this titles states HOPE is running out for this area of Lee County.. That in its self is very sad for several reasons but I will state just a few and they may link to one another.

1. More and more people here like the idea that they can stay at home and go back to school that not only has an impact on their pockets "in the form of savings not having to pay the outrageous gas prices" but also getting more education.

2. Stay in contact with relatives afar. Our family is the one most important thing in all our lives both distant and close to us.

3. Having FTTH at our homes will save us money in the long run on VERIZON home & business phone services. My girl friend saves about $90 dollars a month on her phone just by having VOIP instead of a POTS line to further that the call quality is better than the POTS line. Back in August of this year "2011" the lineman's union went on strike though it ended round the end of that same month no repair work got done in that time frame. My phone service at my home sucked "popping and cracking all the time no one could hear me talking or the service would just stop working all together". Now my service is still the same customer service at Verizon says that their nothing showing up on their tests but they can hear for them selves the popping and cracking in the line.

I hope that SUNSET Digital can get the funding for us. But HOPE is running out for this small town and the good people that are still here..

Until my next post god bless us all......